The multichannel Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation, QCMD 400, offers time-saving operations and superior sensitivity in both frequency and dissipation. It enables the measurement of molecule-surface interactions across a wide range of applications.

Suited for applications

Layers and Coatings

QCMD Instruments

Measure on 4 sensors simultaneously

Save time by measuring on 4 sensors at the same time.

Individual control of conditions

Set the temperature, sample solution, and flow rate individually for each cell and monitor how these affect the binding event.

High Precision

Accurate measurements of both frequency and dissipation providing bound mass and viscoelasticity of the layer.

QuickLock Cell

The QuickLock cell allows for very easy sensor placement. Its transparent lid enables the user to view the sensor during the measurement.

Unparalleled Sensitivity

High-frequency measurements (HFF-QCM) flow cell for high sensitivity and low-volume measurements (volume 5.5 μL).

Cell Modules

Electrochemical cell for simultaneous electrochemistry and QCMD measurements. Other modules available for static, in-batch, and dipping measurements.


Sensor slides

Select the QCMD sensor type from classical QCMD or high sensitivity High frequency (HFF) or LOVE-SAW sensors.

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Syringe Pumps

BioNavis QCMD is equipped with precise syringe pumps. Optional Advanced flow control unit with integrated degasser, sample injector valve and capability of handling multiple carrier fluids.

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Technical data

Number of QuickLock cells
Number of ovetones
Up to 7 (fundamental +6 overtones)
Frequency range
4 MHz - 160 MHz
High resolution - fixed frequency measurement
Tracking mode - frequency scanning mode
Temperature control
15 °C to 45 °C
Syringe pump
Advanced flow control unit

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