400 Kontio

4-channel MP-SPR Navi™ 400 KONTIO instrument to measure cell adhesion and cell-based interactions under physiologically relevant conditions.

Suited for applications

Living Cells
Molecular Interactions

MP-SPR Navi Instruments

4 fluidic channels

Simultaneously conduct 4 measurements on a single sensor.

Interactions label-free

Measure in real-time binding affinity and kinetics.

Complete SPR curve

Measure all relevant parameters for data analysis. MP-SPR uniquely captures the complete SPR curve and provides essential parameters for cell measurements.

User friendly

Sensor handling is made very easy thanks to the elastomer-coated prism, enabling ex situ cell layer growth and further evaluation with techniques such as AFM and microscopy.

Physiologically relevant conditions

Precise control of temperature, flow rate, shear-stress, and composition of the liquid milieu.

Compatibility with complex samples

Exceptionally wide measurement range (40˚ – 78˚) enables measurements with cell culture media and other crude samples like serum and saliva.


Sensor slides

A wide range of unique surfaces including Au, SiO2, CMD and regenerable avidin kit or or make your own coatings in situ or ex situ!

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Get rid of solvent effect and reveal true binding without a reference channel!

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Technical data

Number of fluidic channels
Wavelengths in each measurement channels
Peristaltic Pump

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