About us

BioNavis offers innovative solutions for precise surface interactions and nanolayer characterization, providing cutting-edge instruments for advanced research and discovery.

Customers in centre

We are committed to bringing the best surface measurement solutions to the market. We are open to new ideas and therefore, work on new applications and technologies with a number of companies and research groups. Please contact us to discuss your projects and possible collaboration.


The first SPR Navi™ 200 (open and modular) instrument was introduced to the market in 2008, along with gold sensor slides. Since then, the MP-SPR technology has developed further, incorporating several unique features, including multiple wavelengths, PureKinetics, KineticTitration, and several new instrument models and sensor surfaces.

MP-SPR instruments

MP-SPR Navi™ has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Janusz Sadowski who has been the main driver in the research of SPR technique at VTT (National Technology Research Institute in Finland) for over 20 years, and Dr. Ulf Jönsson, the founder and former CEO of Biacore, the company that pioneered the use of SPR spectroscopy for protein interaction analysis.

Our mission

At BioNavis, our mission is to empower scientists and researchers worldwide by providing cutting-edge analytical instruments and solutions that advance the frontiers of science.