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Thanks to its unique optical configuration, MP-SPR offers advanced sample analysis. The complete SPR curve measurement, combined with the unique multi-wavelength measurement capabilities of MP-SPR, provides unparalleled capacities. MP-SPR allows you to determine your sample’s conformation, thickness, and refractive index of the layer or coating.

MP-SPR instruments can be equipped with 2, 3, or even 4 wavelengths in each measurement channel. Additional wavelengths provide more detailed information for all applications and are crucial in layer characterization, live cell studies, and extracellular vesicle size and concentration analysis. All lasers are measured simultaneously across all instrument fluidic channels.

The measured data is analyzed with the unique BioNavis LayerSolver software for MP-SPR Navi™. This powerful yet easy-to-use software package elucidates the thickness and refractive index of the sensor surface layers from the measured data.

This capability opens up numerous applications in material sciences, enabling detailed characterization of functional coatings such as self-cleaning surfaces, antimicrobial materials, or filter membranes. The technology can be efficiently applied as an R&D or QC tool in the fields of display technologies, semiconductors, solar panels, and batteries.

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