200 Otso

Modular MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO is our entry-level MP-SPR system for real-time interaction measurements and layer characterisation. Open design is optimal when auxiliary instruments are to be used and for teaching purposes.

Application examples

Layers and Coatings

MP-SPR Navi Instruments

Interactions label-free

Measure binding affinity and kinetics or determine bound mass without labelling.

Layer properties

Instrument can be equipped up to 4 different wavelengths in each channel for precise thickness and refractive index characterization, from Ångströms to several micrometers.

Any sample

Exceptionally wide  angular range (40°-78°) enables  measurements  of small organic molecules and large  proteins, but also  metallic nanoparticles and cells. One scan encompasses both environments: gas and liquid.

2 channels

Parallel measurements in 2 channels on one sensor simultaneously.

User friendly

Convenient software control for pump and temperature. Very easy sensor handling thanks to elastomer coated prisms.

Add on modules

Complement  with electrochemistry, high chemical resistant, cell, fluorescence and gas flow cells.


Sensor slides

A wide range of unique surfaces including Au, SiO2, CMD and regenerable avidin kit or or make your own coatings in situ or ex situ!

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Get rid of solvent effect and reveal true binding without a reference channel!

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Technical data

Number of fluidic channels
Temperature control
Wavelengths in each measurement channels
Up to 4
Peristaltic pump
Compatibility with organic solvents

Frequenty asked questions

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