Use MP-SPR for nanoparticle studies

MP-SPR (Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance) is able to measure all types of nanoparticles, such as lipid vesicles, silica, polymer, DNA and metal, without clogging. The highly sensitive instruments will also provide more information than before due to their unique optical setup!

MP-SPR – superior features and performance

BioNavis offers an advantageous line of MP-SPR instruments that suit the needs of many different research projects. With one MP-SPR instrument, you can study nanoparticles and live cells, as well as work on molecular interactions – among numerous other possibilities. Both the optical setup and fluidics of the MP-SPR instruments can be tailored to meet the specific needs of nanoparticle research.

SPR with an advantageous optical setup

As a technique, MP-SPR offers even more information compared to traditional SPR; MP-SPR’s unique optical set up is able to measure the full SPR curve, capturing not only the Peak Min Angle (PMA) but also the Peak Min Intensity (PMI) and Total Internal Reflection (TIR) angles. This combined with the possibility to measure up to 4 wavelengths simultaneously provides unprecedented knowledge about changes occurring at the surface.

SPR results are often affected by bulk effect, which is present with any method recording refractive index changes close to a sensor surface. Since BioNavis’ MP-SPR instruments measure the full SPR curve, bulk effect can be calculated out by using cross-correlation of parameters. This is a unique feature called PureKinetics™ and it is available in all BioNavis’ MP-SPR instruments.

From static to dynamic measurements of nanoparticles

In MP-SPR, the sample fluid moves inside the instrument, which makes it possible to do dynamic measurements. Dynamic measurements combined with the possibility to measure in crude samples (such as plasma or serum) can be very insightful, especially for researchers working on drug delivery nanoparticles and biosensor development.

Nanoparticle size doesn’t matter

The MP-SPR instruments produce real-time and label-free measurements of all sizes of nanoparticles without clogging. Nanoparticles can be measured in terms of their size and concentration as well as self-assembly kinetics, targeting, loading, release and structural changes. With MP-SPR, one can also study the internalization of nanoparticles by living cells and how nanoparticles interact with molecules in their native state. In such non-labeled interaction analyses in live state lies the true and unique power of MP-SPR: would you like to try too?




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