Regenerable avidin kit assays Part I: Working principle

Application Note #166

MP-SPR Navi™ Regenerable avidin kit principle. The surface can be completely regenerated back to the original biotin-PEG sensor whenever the user wants to change the ligand. Using mild regeneration conditions, only the analyte can be washed off the ligand, enabling next analyte concentration to be loaded.

MP-SPR Navi™ Regenerable avidin kit is an excellent tool in development of MP-SPR based assays. The kit allows the user to conduct precise and high quality measurements in shorter time and convenient experimental set-up. Besides having the ligand available with biotin-conjugation, one does not need to optimize buffers and immobilization conditions. Finally, the cost effectiveness of SPR measurements improves since the same sensor slide can be completely regenerated up to 100 times.

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