Characterization of IFN-γ Detection and Electrochemical Proximity Assay by a Novel Multi-Parametric/Multimodal Spectroscopy Apparatus

Functional interfaces play a vital role in biosensing, which requires proper allocation, orientation, conformation, activities and stability to achieve high affinity and stability of the biomolecules. However, the characterization of functional interfaces is still challenging. Here, simultaneous measurement of Surface Plasmon Resonance, fluorescence, and electrochemistry has been demonstrated by a novel Multi-Parametric/Multimodal Spectroscopy Apparatus (MPMS). Using this system, the assembly of various functional interfaces, including aptamer-based IFN-γ detection, and Electrochemical Proximity Assay were characterized. MPMS enables simultaneous confirmation of binding events both quantitatively (number of events) and kinetically (speed) through SPR, fluorescence and electrochemistry, thus enhancing the power of interface characterization sensing techniques.

Publication year: 2017
Authors: Zhou L., Chin B. A., Simonian A. L.*

Department of Materials Engineering, AUburn University, Auburn AL, 36849, USA
* corresponding author

Published in: ECS Transactions, 2017, Vol. 80, Issue 10, p. 1565-1570
DOI: 10.1149/08010.1565ecst


adsorbed mas aptamers detection of cytokine interferon gamma (IFN-γ) DNA electrochemistry fluorescence thickness


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